Experience the thrill of
Massive Multiplayer Online Racing!


Redline Thunder Grand Prix Screenshots




  • Realistic open wheel racing game
  • From the comfort of your own computer
  • Practice for free
  • Play against friends and other race fans



All participants are entered for grand prize drawing of an Indy Experience 2-Seater ride at a race track near you. (for more info see www.indyracingexperience.com)



Regular prize winners of signed IndyCar driver memorabilia and cash, for race winners, and quick times.





Download Now to Play:



Redline Thunder Grand Prix is all about one thing: high speed multiplayer fun! Just download the game installer, and within minutes we'll have you in the driver's seat of a highly detailed cockpit. Punch the throttle and bang through the gears, with your solid American iron V8 race motor singing 9000 hi-octane revs in your ears, and clouds of tire smoke streaming behind you. Drift around the turns as you practice against computer-controlled opponents, or race online against friends for bragging rights or real prizes! You can even blow donuts in the infield, or challenge your friends to a game of chicken! But be careful how you use that front end, you might notice your temperature gauge climbing, and before you know it you're headed for the pits to fix that steaming radiator.


It's Easy to Get Started. In fact, you can try it for FREE! That's right. The download is free. Single player demo mode is free. Watching online races is free. With no time limit. And when you decide to join the action, it takes only minutes to activate the online multiplayer game mode. Plus, you'll unlock two more tracks and three additional car models for single player practice!


It's YOUR Game! From the minute you activate, the single-player mode is yours to keep forever. NO internet connection is required to run single-player mode, and you can race as often as you want. Plus, you can install it on up to three of your own computers, so that you can take it with you on your laptop for your next plane trip. Take it from MVP Online, we'll never get between you and your game!


Play online against real people! We all know that racing games are fun, but once you've mastered the art of driving, most games become predictable. Computer-controlled opponents can provide hours of amusement, but there's no substitute for the real thing. That's why MVP brings people together online.


YOU decide how to play! You can make new friends and race them for prizes according to 'strict' rules, or just horse around on the track with your friends in a 'relaxed' play session. At MVP, we're not going to tell you how to have fun. That's up to you. We provide the toys, you bring the smile. It's not just a game! It's a racing community!




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